The Al Gallon Ministries, Inc. (AGM) was established as an extension of The Remnant Church International Trust in 2000. Founded by Al Gallon, a pastor, and entrepreneur, who was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. Pastor Gallon not only envisioned growth of economic and social needs in the community, he also saw to the spiritual needs of the community.

AGM develops and initiates programs that are geared towards social and economic reform as well as lead ministries from the aspect that people require a spiritual relationship that empowers the mind, body, and soul, bu not just being another religious organization.

Since AGM’s inception in 2000, it has grown and made great strides and investments within the community by providing programs that empower youth and families. The non-profit efforts of this organization are committed to helping Hillsborough County residents enrich their lives by providing educational programs that promote literacy for disadvantaged youth, as well as developing programs to support business, housing, and economic stability.

AGM hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Proceeds help our organization further its initiatives which continue to positively impact the local and surrounding communities of Hillsborough County with the resources and tools that will help them grow.

Your investment will make a difference in the lives of the people in our communities who benefit from the programs our organization offers. We are asking for your support, as we are looking to partner with those who are passionate about stabilizing our Tampa Bay communities through social and economic reform. PLEASE CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE.





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